Pembroke specimen

a copy of Pembroke specimen for £10.00 GBP

Pembroke limited edition specimen
A special collector’s specimen pack for Pembroke. This has been produced in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies and includes a booklet on the design of Pembroke as well as contributions from several designers that make use of the various weights and details of the typeface. The folder carries its edition number and shows the mechanics of the type including the range of weights and full character set. There are things to read, things to make, things to look at and things to play with. A truly unique typeface specimen.

Additional information
Specimen designs by Daren Cook, Henrike Dreier, Philip Lewis, Hazel Macmillan, Lucy or Robert, Jeremy Tankard

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Footnote 23 lists all our type specimens from 1998 to 2014

£10.00 GBP (£6.00 GBP when ordered with a font, excluding free fonts)