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Explore Redisturbed

Re/discover Redisturbed for the new decade

Redisturbed is a continuation in the development of unicase alphabet design. A comprehensive typeface featuring a range of swash letters, figure sets and optical size variants. Check out the links below to discover more about this distinctive type and the history of alphabetic reform.

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Footnote 36
This issue
of our Footnote newsletter introduces the typeface, its abilities and looks briefly at the history of the single alphabet.

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Font information
The Font Info PDF gives an overview of Redisturbed; its features, weights, and optical versions.

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Redisturbed specimen
The full story of the typeface design from the 1993 original to this current version is told in this specimen.

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Development notes
Read about the various attempts through history to adapt or change the alphabet at StudioType.com.

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Redisturbed Explorer
At the end of 2019 we opened the Gallery as a fresh way to show our fonts. Continuing this approach we’ve built a dedicated Explorer page for Redisturbed. Through the Explorer you can glide over the typeface; its shapes, words and symbols, then click to discover more. Explorer is best experienced through a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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