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Explore Trilogy Sans

Re/discover Trilogy Sans for the new decade

The hugely versatile Trilogy Sans typeface reaches from Compressed to Expanded and from Thin to Heavy. Weighing in at a hefty 80 fonts across 5 related families, it possesses a multitude of options and a variety of alternates and features.

E27 Half 04

Alternate letters change the look and feel of words and text.

E27 Half 03

All the fonts include carefully designed small capitals allowing for an extra level of typographic detail when needed.

TN35 half 01

Footnote 35
Working back from the final families to the first embryonic sketches, aspects of Trilogy Sans are brought together in Footnote 35.

TN35 half 03

Several features that contribute to the calm and poised styling of the typeface are highlighted.

TN35 half 02

Font information
The Font Info PDF gives an overview of the mechanics of the typeface; its widths, weights and features.

TN35 half 04

Development notes
The Trilogy design notes at StudioType.com introduce the whole Trilogy collection, its inspiration and design development.

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Trilogy specimen
Unfortunately there are no longer any printed copies of the specimen left, but a PDF version is available for download.

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Trilogy Sans Explorer
At the end of 2019 we opened the Gallery as a fresh way to show our fonts. Continuing this approach we’ve built a dedicated Explorer page for Trilogy Sans. Through the Explorer you can glide over the typeface; its shapes, words and symbols, then click to discover more. Explorer is best experienced through a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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