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Great news! We’ve now made our alien script Queezoid freely available to download and use. Originally designed as an extension to a brand identity, the fonts explore the concept of an invented alien writing system by changing the expected look, rhythm and patterning of a text.

Visit the Queezoid page to find out more.

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Used in translation

E30 Half 02

Queezoid Sans has a functional monoline appearance.

E30 Half 01

Queezoid Hand has a lively appearance with multiple joined characters derived from writing.

E30 Half 06

The Queezoid script PDF explores the development and features of the language.

E30 Half 03

The Queezoid info shows the fonts and highlights how to use them.

E30 Half 05

As well introducing Queezoid, Footnote 30 also shows our bespoke typeface for Avolon and a few tips to help you improve your use of fonts.

E30 Half 04

Aspect has been has been part of Eurostar’s identity for several years. Pembroke was recently added along with Eurostar Track which we show in Footnote 29.

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Studiotype.com illustrates the development of our headline font for Avolon, a leader in aircraft leasing.

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