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Designed around the Transitional typestyle of the late 18th century, Hawkland is the latest addition to our collection of original typefaces. It delivers a crisp and clear-cut look through its two families. Perfect for editorial, brand and packaging or simply when a touch of classic finesse is needed.

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With 6 weights from Thin to Black, the Hawkland family is crafted for text use. Each font contains an extended character set including small capitals, superiors and extensive figure and fraction sets.

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For larger display and headline uses take a look at Hawkland Fine. This family extends the style of Hawkland through its sharper serifs, increased stroke contrast and a wider range of weights.

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To showcase the fonts we’ve produced a sumptuous printed specimen. Designed by We Made This, the large format book opens to a whopping half-metre spread. The beauty of the type is displayed throughout and is further enhanced with the addition of multiple tip-ins showing the fonts in a variety of applications. The full design story takes you through the inspirations and innovations of a fascinating period of typographic history. A truly luxurious item to covet. Check out more images at our Publications page and order your copy now.

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The Hawkland info PDF shows both families, their weights and key details unique to the typeface.

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Our newsletter, Footnote 28, is dedicated to Hawkland and illustrates the design process and several of its features.

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The design story at studiotype.com offers a fuller insight into the development of Hawkland.

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