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Trilogy Sans

Our hugely versatile sans serif type system has received a lot of attention on our site recently. It reaches from Compressed to Expanded and from Thin to Heavy. Coming in at a hefty 80 fonts across 5 related families, it possesses a multitude of options and a variety of alternates and features.

Visit the Trilogy page to see the fonts, test them and download a demo.

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All the fonts include carefully designed small caps and related forms allowing for an extra level of typographic detail when needed.

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Alternate letter designs are available for you to craft the look and feel of words and text.

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In use across all media at Glyndebourne

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In use at the City of London Police Museum

E27 Half 01

The printed version of the Trilogy sample may no longer be available but you can view the PDF and read more about the design and its historical references.

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The Trilogy Sans info PDF displays all the weights and widths together with key details unique to the typeface.

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Read about the design process at StudioType

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